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Ditch expensive local servers and NVRS with the smart, simple and elegant Exacq Cloud VMS. It is available from almost any web browser on almost any computer with no plugins or software required. Award-winning Exacq Cloud VMS mobile apps are available for Apple and Android. You can even leave multi-tenant behind as Exacq Cloud VMS is available in private cloud instances for additional security.

60 Second Camera Setup on Almost Any Network

Plug any Illustra Pro or Flex camera* (over 30 to chose from) into your network and register to the Exacq Cloud VMS in less than 60 seconds with our simple to use mobile app and system settings. Control camera settings, cloud and in camera storage, along with user access.

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*Cloud VMS enable with Firmware Update.

Use Almost Any Existing Cameras

ONVIF compliant and certified to work with hundreds of the most popular camera models from dozens of the leading manufacturers, Exacq Cloud Gateways let you move your current cameras into the cloud effortlessly and cost effectively.

See the entire line of Exacq Cloud Gateways.

Fast Live Video

Access live video from 140 countries around the world with millisecond live video display on average. Create custom groups of cameras so you can view only “cash register cameras” and create custom access to cameras so users only see cameras they have permissions for. Exacq Cloud VMS reliably delivers video on almost any network from cellular to fiber. Use the exclusive Motion View feature to only display video from cameras that detect motion, no more wasted time watching blank screens.

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Search 24 Hours of Video in 60 Seconds

Only Exacq Cloud VMS offers the patent-pending Hyper View feature that enables you to search through video from up to 100 cameras at the same time in 60 seconds or less. Scrub through recorded video, see motion and other event marker to find what you are looking for and instantly go to full HD video in one click.

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Simple and Powerful Recorded Video Playback

The fast point and click interface makes finding the right HD recorded video a snap. Search by events, date, time, camera, then save and download any length clip or share it with anyone online using custom bookmarks. Zoom on any video clip and skip from event to event with one click. Playback video at 2-8X speed. See a preview of a motion event in the instant pop-up window on the timeline. Drag to any place on the timeline quickly. Pause and snapshot important moment.

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Motion Analytics Reporting

Run powerful motion analytics reports from any camera connected to the Exacq Cloud VMS. Sort and report by day, week, month. Download the report data to Microsoft Excel.

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Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Exacq Cloud VMS supports analytics such as People Counting. Run graphical reports on entrance and exit counts by camera, day, week, and month. Look for trends and download the report data to Microsoft Excel for offline processing.

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Watch Your World from One Screen

Map View gives you a view of all your cameras worldwide and click on any location to see the video. Also use Map View to see the status of all your cameras and instantly troubleshoot any of them.

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Map Cameras on Your Location

Drag and drop different camera types onto a map of your building floor and assign live cameras to them. Upload your own blueprints quickly. Easily view live video from any camera on your floor map with one click.

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Record to the Cloud On Demand with Unlimited Flexibility

Exacq Cloud VMS offers unlimited flexibility for cloud recording in the easiest to use interface. Select all cameras or any single camera, enter the number of days to record (from one day to one year or more) or to record only when motion is detected, then pick your video resolution and click save. Create your own custom upload schedule to upload video to the cloud in the evenings or off prime time to save bandwidth. Turn on and off recording as needed.

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Edit Camera Settings Simply

Use the point and click camera settings interface to change all your camera options and test them live. Change motion windows and sensitivity, edit audio recording options, and set video quality settings.

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Add Unlimited Users and Custom Permissions

Add new users to your Exacq Cloud VMS and assign then any or all cameras as well as change permissions as needed (view only for example). Create custom views of cameras so users only see the cameras they need to see such as cash register cameras or warehouse cameras.

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Track User and Camera Network Utilization with the Enterprise Dashboard

Track and report on bandwidth utilization, live video viewing, recorded video playback, cloud uploads, cloud storage and much more from one dashboard. See status alerts live in realtime to address issues when they happen, not when its too late.

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Monitor Camera Status Worldwide Live

See the status of all your cameras on a global map and click on any one to see details and then troubleshoot instantly.

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Find Trouble Quickly

Search and sort cameras by those which need attention. Yellow status indicates trouble, click on settings for that camera to troubleshoot remotely.

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Fix Issues and Manage Services Simply

View IP and MAC address of any camera on your cloud, test connection speed from that camera to the cloud, run a detailed health check, upgrade firmware, change network settings, reboot, restart services, disable or factory reset the camera all with one click. View detailed network settings. local storage utilization, CPU, memory and other operational statistics. Manage authorized users and alerts (such as when a camera disconnects from the network). Review cloud subscriptions, run and download detailed reports.

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Dark Mode and Light Mode

Select Dark or Light Mode interface for the all interfaces in Exacq Cloud VMS. Light Mode enables a user-friendly “open” interface with easy to see controls in any lighting environment. In Dark Mode, the system adopts a darker color palette for windows, views, menus, and controls. Video content can stand out better against the darker backgrounds.

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