Smartvue S19 Cloud Video Surveillance Solution

S19 is the next generation of the Smartvue intelligent cloud video surveillance platform delivering more powerful solutions optimized for cloud video surveillance. Smartvue S19 delivers secure, cost-effective cloud surveillance solutions to retail stores, restaurants, convenience stores, franchises, healthcare facilities, K-12 education, universities and smart cities. S19 integrates world-class cybersecurity and data privacy into a cloud solution that’s simple to install, easy to manage, and offers robust APIs, libraries, and SDKs. 


New User Interface

The Smartvue Cloud interface can now toggle between light and dark themes to adjust to environmental conditions offering a better user experience. S19 also simplifies the operation by aligning all application interfaces when transitioning from viewing video to pulling analytics and reports. S19 also boasts additional UI enhancements to make the already simple user interface more intuitive and even easier to use.

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Work More Efficiently


Smartvue Hyper View

Quickly search through hours of camera footage with the ability to simultaneously watch recorded video from any number of cameras in any location. Streamline event searching with Hypervue’s ability to automate watching 24 hours of video in 60 seconds. Operators will save time looking through video footage and be able to offer a faster reaction time to incidents that require video surveillance footage


Motion Monitor

Monitoring video surveillance made easier. With MotionMonitor you set your video dashboards to only display live video surveillance from cameras that are detecting motion. This simplifies live monitoring and is very beneficial when monitoring many cameras or multiple locations, driving operational efficiency.


Smarter Network Management

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Advanced Recording Schedule

Manage bandwidth and storage by uploading video to the cloud by file size and time of day as it fits the customers need. Users can lower cloud storage costs, reduce strain on bandwidth, and execute better network management. Each camera in the Smartvue Cloud can be set with an independent schedule to determine when and how video, either motion or constant recording, gets uploaded to the cloud. Ideal for low bandwidth situations, operators can now dynamically set cloud storage options on a per camera basis from 256 kbps to 14 mbps and time of day.


Illustra Camera 2 Cloud

Camera 2 Cloud cameras require no local server, and send their video directly to the cloud. Camera 2 Cloud cameras can be easily added to existing Smartvue networks and monitored and controlled from one simple dashboard anywhere, anytime, on any device. Camera 2 Cloud solutions are ideal for securing retail establishments, convenience stores, franchises, healthcare facilities, K-12 education buildings and smart cities, and work independently or added as a remote extension to an existing Smartvue surveillance network.

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More Secure

Securing surveillance in the cloud is often more secure than using on-site storage. Smartvue S19 is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, enabling customers to benefit from Microsoft’s investment in leading cybersecurity services and advanced storage offerings. With S19 Cloud video surveillance there is no need to open firewalls or manage remote access to a site, because all transmissions are encrypted outbound communications. 


The cloud also ensures that in the event of a robbery, fire or flood important data wont be damaged or stolen. Other key benefits of cloud video surveillance is “elasticity,” which is the ability to deliver the exact amount of computing services and storage needed on demand making it possible to maintain operations when activity increases. Finally, using a cloud-based platform simplifies managing a surveillance network. New features updates, bug fixes and security upgrades can be rolled out automatically or on-demand.

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